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  • Increase foreign friends.
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  • Native language that school will not teach.
  • A better understanding of foreign cultures.

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Title Study place Mother tongue Study language
study Internet Mandarin Chinese (simplified) Japanese
語言交換 Tainan(Taiwan) Mandarin Chinese (traditional) Japanese
日语的初学者,正在努力学习日语 Internet Mandarin Chinese (simplified) Japanese
日中勉強会 Tokyo(Japan) Japanese Mandarin Chinese (simplified, traditional)
我教你汉族 你教我日语 Internet Mandarin Chinese (simplified) Japanese
日本語を上手に話せる Internet Mandarin Chinese (simplified, traditional) Japanese
Japanese/Chinese exchange Kyoto(Japan) Japanese Mandarin Chinese (simplified, traditional)
come in Internet Mandarin Chinese (simplified) English
希望找到一起练习语言的伙伴 Internet Mandarin Chinese (simplified) Japanese
我找中国的相互学习者 Tokyo(Japan) Japanese Mandarin Chinese (simplified)
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