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名称 : Tiffany
  • 性别 :
  • 国(地区)籍 : 台湾
  • 年龄 : 25-29
  • 学习场所 : 大阪府[泉佐野](日本)
  • 母语 : 中文[繁]
  • 学习语言 : 日语
HI! this is Tiffany. I am Taiwanese. I love traveling and seeing the Japan/Korea drama in my free time.

And I am going to have to work next month. My Japanese is a beginner, but English and Chinese are ok to talk. Welcome to contact me or leave me the message, maybe we can change the contact way if you want:)

At last, If you live or work near the いずみさのし/Kansai airport, it's would be perfect! Maybe we can hang out sometimes, anyway, let's start to be friends!
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名称 : りんご
性别 :
I got a message from you ,but I couldn’t send a message to you .I think your address is wrong....Could you tell me your address again if you want ??
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名称 : かず
性别 :
Good day ! I'm kazu from Osaka.

I have worked and studied in china before.
So we can chat by chinese, and I can teach you Japanese.
If possible, please add my wechat.THX.

wechat ID : japan123777
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