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嘗試徴求new friend

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May 14, 2019
Name : Alan
  • Gender : Male
  • From : Hong Kong
  • Age : 20-24
  • living place : Hong Kong
Looking for : Japanese
Try to look forward someone can communicate with sample English,I think it can help us improve the skills of using English,sure it is my pleasure that we can communicate in Chinese.I also like watching some old classic movie and music,it will be more interesting if we have the same topic.So that's it,I am Alan.

嘗試徴求可以用簡單英語交流的人,我認為可以幫助我們提高使用英語的技巧,當然我們也可以用中文交流。我喜歡欣賞一些經典電影和音樂, 如果我們有相同話題會更加有趣。就這樣,我是Alan。

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