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台湾人です ٩(˃̶͈̀௰˂̶͈́)و

June 26, 2020
Name : Sue
  • Gender : Female
  • Nationality/Region : Taiwan
  • Age : 20-24
  • Learning location : Taipei/New Taipei[Or 日本](Taiwan), On the Internet
  • Native language : Mandarin Chinese[Simplified/Traditional], Cantonese, Minnan/Taiwanese, Shanghainese, English, [客家語 HAKKA]
  • Learning language : Japanese
你好,我叫 Sue!
Hellooo! My name is Sue!
I’m Taiwanese, currently live in New Taipei City.
I’ve been to Okinawa and Fukuoka, and I traveled to Niigata, Tokyo and Chiba alone in February of this year.
I really like go travel around the world, tasting delicious food, reading books and chatting with friends...etc.
I can speak 4 languages, among them are Chinese and English, and also like to teach Chinese!
My interests are tasting delicious food, travel domestically or abroad.
Taiwan is really beautiful, I am Taiwanese, I love my country Taiwan as well!
I want to communicate with friends with similar interests.
If you have the same interests as me, please send me email , thank you!
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