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語言交換(Language Exchange)

September 9, 2020
Name : MRA
  • Gender : Male
  • Nationality/Region : Hong Kong
  • Age : 20-24
  • Learning location : On the Internet
  • Native language : Mandarin Chinese[Traditional character], Cantonese
  • Learning language : English
Hello, I am a student from Hong Kong. I would like to improve my speaking skills. I hope to have a partner that can speak both Chinese and English. I don't mind if you are native speaker or not. Because I hope to have someone that can understand my word if I don't speak well. If you are not a native speaker, like a Taiwanese, we can practice together.
我想找個能同時說國語或粵語 和英語的人,我想改善我英語會話技巧,我不介意你的英語流不流暢,只想找個可以一起語音對話的伙伴,謝謝
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