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February 1, 2021
Name : Sophie
  • Gender : Female
  • Nationality/Region : Taiwan
  • Age : 20-24
  • Learning location : On the Internet
  • Native language : Mandarin Chinese[Simplified/Traditional]
  • Learning language : Japanese
将来は日本に住みたいと思います、今は頑張って日本語を勉強しています。 中国語勉強したい日本の方はぜひメッセージください。 年は近い方がいいです。
Hello, this is Sophie, I am college student now.
I want to live in Japan someday so I study Japanese hard. If you are studying Chinese , feel free to contact me.
We can communicate in Chinese, English , and Japanese!! Thank you very much~
If you're not patient, plz just ignore this message.
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