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July 18, 2021
Name : MIU
  • Gender : Female
  • Nationality/Region : Japan
  • Age : 35-39
  • Learning location : Aichi[Nagoya city](Japan)
  • Native language : Japanese
  • Learning language : English
Nice to meet you, everyone. A woman in her thirties who lives in Aichi. In addition to acupuncturists and sports rehabilitation trainers, I also work as a Zumba instructor and a mathematical fortune-teller as a side business. Originally my university was in English, but since I was mainly in grammar, I'm honestly not confident in conversation, so I'd be happy if someone who understands Japanese a little. Also, as a future relationship, I will teach Japanese, so I would be grateful if you could teach me a foreign language. It may be difficult to meet you in the environment of Corona, but please email us first. Miu
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