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10 Nov 2021 (UTC)
#0 Car Nokot [QIOUiXk]
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Hi i'm a nice person looking for nice friends and Japanese friends. I know some Japanese because i studied before. I'm disabled person that's why i put intermediate in English even though I'm from America. If you accept me, i'm happy be your friend.
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Hi i'm not very smart and i'm disabled person too so i'm not fluent english speaker even if I'm American but I'm happy to help some japanese people learn english. Maybe the more advanced people won't learn nothing from me because i'm disabled and my english is not great but I'm happy to help beginning English students if they accept me.

Thanks!!! 昔に日本語を2年間習いましたからちょっと日本語が分かります。障害がある人だからアメリカ人でも英語でも日本語でもそんなに上手ではありませんけどだれか複雑な英語じゃない英語を習いたい場合、私はよろこんでなんでも教えます。スカイプしましょう。
#1 Kuro [M4FiWYQ]
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