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語言交換/言語交換/Language exchange

27 Apr 2022 (UTC)
#0 Damien [KUSURQ]
Gender / Age
Male / 20-24
Home country
Live in
Taipei/New Taipei(Taiwan)
Mandarin Chinese
Hello, here's Damien from Taiwan, looking for partners to learn languages together.

As a native speaker of Chinese, I am fluent in English and an advanced beginner in Japanese.
My main focus is improving English and learning Japanese, Spanish and Korean, but studying with other language speakers from scratch is good too.

Age, gender and other personal backgrounds doesn't matter to me as long as you're serious about the exchange, feel free to say hi to me and we can discuss more. You're welcome even if we're both beginners. I hope we'll benefit from the process in the end.

I can't join meeting online/irl or voice/video call etc.
Other communicating methods are fine such as online whiteboard, google documents, discord, e-mail etc.
I don't use any apps for phones like WhatsApp/WeChat/Messenger/Line.

A little about myself:
I love watching manga, anime, film, playing video games and reading fantasy fictions.
I'm very introverted. If you find that the conversation's been a little awkward, that's definitely on me. Just proceed to the next topic.
I hope you don't mind that. :D


こんいちは。 しょうです。台湾在住の台湾人です。僕が中国語と英語を話すのは結構上手いですが、日本語は全然だめです。
よろしければ一緒に言語を勉強したいと思います 。
僕の趣味はマンガ、アニメ、小説、ゲームと映画です。特にファンタシー的なストーリーが大好きで す。
Last updated 29 Apr 2022 (UTC)
Teaching language
Mandarin Chinese(traditional), English
Learning language
Learning area
on the Internet
I'm looking for partners to teach me Japanese, in return I can teach you Chinese and Japanese though I'm not professional.

The first rule would be that we need to put the same amount of efforts on teaching each other.
#1 Damien [KUSURQ]
well I made a mistake. I can teach you Chinese and English.
28 Apr 2022 (UTC)
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