Looking for a Language Exchange Partner

Japanese Culture and Tradition

08 Oct 2022 (UTC)
#0 Emmett [GBUIgEE]
Gender / Age
Male / 35-39
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United Kingdom
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England(United Kingdom)
I'm looking for someone who can help me learn Japanese so I can be able to read, write, and speak the language. I can help you learn English if you want to. Let's help each other.
Last updated 08 Oct 2022 (UTC)
Male only
Teaching language
Learning language
Learning area
Hello, I hope there is someone here who is willing to help me to learn Japanese. I can help you back by teaching English too. I'm also looking for a new friend. Let's help each other.
#1 Nさん [iXMSVFA]
Well, I'm not a native speaker, just N2level. But I'm eager to help. Reply on my mailbox, please.
10 Oct 2022 (UTC)
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