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maybe we can share some thoughts!

01 Dec 2022 (UTC)
#0 Sean [I2lQkFA]
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Male / 25-29
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Mainland China
Mandarin Chinese
hi!!! what's up people!
i'm here because i wanna practice my languages, also i've just became a fan of japanese films and tvs recently,,, i'm officially fascinated by the production of some good shows (such as 'first love' by japan netflix etc /// it's so artsy ). so now i'm interested in japanese. maybe someday i can travel there and hopefully i've learned some japanese by then!!
looking forward to make some friends here!!!!!
Last updated 01 Dec 2022 (UTC)
Teaching language
Mandarin Chinese(simplified)
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on the Internet
hi! i don't really speak japanese, but i'm planning to learn some systematically in sometime, i'm currently living in shanghai, maybe i can travel to japan someday. hope we become friends~!
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