Looking for a Language Exchange Partner

I want to make Japanese Friends!

21 May 2023 (UTC)
#0 Xiang_Li [FVgkkgA]
Gender / Age
Male / 25-29
Home country
Mainland China
Live in
Hong Kong
Mandarin Chinese
Hi, this is Xiang. I'm a language hobbyist and I come here to make friends who share the hobby of learning language.

Currently I stay in Hong Kong. I'm a native Chinese speaker. In the meantime, I can speak advanced English and fluent Cantonese. My Japanese is at conversational level and I have intermediate reading capacity in terms of German.

You are welcome to make friends with me and we can share our language skills and hopefully make good friends!
Last updated 21 May 2023 (UTC)
Teaching language
Mandarin Chinese(simplified/traditional), Cantonese, English
Learning language
Learning area
Hong Kong, on the Internet
Hello everyone. I'm a native Chinese speaker but speak fluent English and Cantonese. I can converse in Japanese. To further my Japanese, I want to make some friends who speak Japanese. I can teach you Chinese, English and/or Cantonese in return.

You are welcome to contact me!

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