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Have a talk on the Internet once a week

14 Aug 2023 (UTC)
#0 Katherine [IXUWZFg]
Gender / Age
Female / 20-24
Home country
Live in
Taipei/New Taipei(Taiwan)
Mandarin Chinese

Hi! My name is Katherine, and I come from Taiwan.
I am fond of learning languages, and even I still can’t speak so well. I’ve learned English since elementary school, but the speaking is still not so fluently.
Therefore, I want to find a person who could practice languages together, and have a strong desire to learn languages just like me.
Last updated 15 Aug 2023 (UTC)
Teaching language
Mandarin Chinese(traditional)
Learning language
Learning area
on the Internet
Finding a person who has a strong desire to learn language together!

I’m looking for a partner who is interested in Mandarin and willing to have a talk once a week for an hour .
We could talk about dramas, novels ,and the thing we want to share.

For example , I might talk to you in English with anything I want in the first 30 minutes, and then you talk to me in Mandarin with anything you want, maybe a novel, or something like that.

We could check the pronunciation of each other, and of course if you have any confusing questions like grammars or the writing, I’m glad to help you!
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