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Looking for English friend./尋找會英文的朋友

15 Oct 2023 (UTC)
#0 飞翔的企鹅 [MoKBVFA]
Gender / Age
Male / 20-24
Home country
Mainland China
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Mainland China
Mandarin Chinese
Last updated 14 Oct 2023 (UTC)
Teaching language
Mandarin Chinese(simplified/traditional)
Learning language
Learning area
on the Internet
I am looking for friends who think they can speak English. I can teach you some simple Chinese daily conversations, but if you want to learn Chinese systematically, you still need a textbook and a professional teacher. I am very willing to make friends with you if you are interested.
我想找一個會英文的朋友,我可以教你一些簡單的中文日常對話,但你要系統的學習中文,仍需要一本教材和一位專業的老師。 有感興趣的話我很願意和你交朋友。
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