Language exchange of benefits

  • Free learning.
  • Increase foreign friends.
  • Easy to improve foreign language skills.
  • Native language that school will not teach.
  • A better understanding of foreign cultures.

What's new

Title Study place Mother tongue Study language
一緒に勉強する友達が欲しいです! Taipei(Taiwan) Mandarin Chinese (simplified, traditional), English Japanese
話せるように一緒に話しを練習しましょう Internet Mandarin Chinese (traditional), Minnan/Taiwanese Japanese
日本語・中国語の交換希望 Taipei(Taiwan) Mandarin Chinese (simplified, traditional) Japanese
日本語・中国語の交換希望 Tokyo(Japan) Mandarin Chinese (traditional), Minnan/Taiwanese Japanese
お話ししましょう Kaohsiung(Taiwan) Japanese Mandarin Chinese (traditional)
尋找能一起互相學習的朋友(台北捷運站附近) Taipei[台北捷運站附近](Taiwan) Mandarin Chinese (traditional), Minnan/Taiwanese Korean
お互いに頑張りましょう! Taipei(Taiwan) Mandarin Chinese (traditional) Japanese
一緒に勉強しませんか Tokyo(Japan) Mandarin Chinese (simplified, traditional) Japanese
中国語勉強したいです Tokyo(Japan) Japanese Mandarin Chinese (simplified, traditional)
一起喝茶聊天 輕鬆學習 交朋友 Taichung[台中市](Taiwan) Japanese Japanese
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