Language exchange in Taipei

ニックネーム : Catherine
  • 性別 : 女性
  • 国籍/地域 : Taiwan
  • 年齢 : 30-34
  • 学習場所 : 台北(台湾)
  • 母語 : 中国語(繁)
  • 学習言語 : 英語
Hi~I'm Catherine,
I am a jewelry designer in Taipei,
hope to meet some one want to learn Chinese and also can let me practice my English ability,
I am an out-going person, looking forward to seeing you :)
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ニックネーム : Bruce
性別 : 男性
Hi Catherine,

I'm Bruce from Guangdon. As an English undergraduate, I work as an interpreter and salesman in a joint venture. I enjoy making friends and learning English.

Hope to keep in touch with you and learn together.
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ニックネーム : Catherine
性別 : 女性
Hi Bruece

Do you live in Guangdon now?
your job sounds interesting~ maybe you can share with me :)
I enjoy making friends,too
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