find a long term Japanese friend

ニックネーム : kin
  • 性別 : 女性
  • 国籍/地域 : 中国
  • 年齢 : 20-24
  • 学習場所 : インターネット上
  • 母語 : 中国語[簡]
  • 学習言語 : 日本語
I'd like to find A LONG TERM friend.I'll help you practice Chinese speaking,reading or listening ect if you want.I'm a university student,so don't worry I will teach you wrong grammars.if I don't know your questions,I also help you by searching information.
I just hope you can spend a little time talk with fact,I have a Japanese teacher,but it's difficult to progress by two lessons a week.
I have Line ,Skype,Wechat account and so on.if you are interested on learning a language,maybe we can help each other.

I'll reply to you whether I find a friend.
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