Looking for partner !

ニックネーム : 巧綾
  • 性別 : 女性
  • 国籍/地域 : 台湾
  • 年齢 : 15-19
  • 学習場所 : インターネット上
  • 母語 : 中国語[繁], 英語
  • 学習言語 : 英語
Hi there, I am Cindy coming from Taiwan . Are there someone who would like to learn Chinese ? Or we can just be friend instead (learning sometime is too boring though haha ) *my line ID is cindyhah
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ニックネーム : 李长根
性別 : 女性
Hello Cindy,
This is 李长根, you can also call me Kira. I am from Hunan Province in mainland China. I am now studying English and would very like to have a partner. Since you wanna learn Chinese and your English is good ,maybe we can help each other! If you are interested, my Wechat ID is 15711443930, or we can use line too.

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ニックネーム : 巧綾
性別 : 女性
Hi Kira , I’m Cindy . Actually I’m not learning Chinese because my mother language is Chinese just like you . I’m learning English and yes sure we can practice together !! My line ID is cindyhah , please feel free to message me , hope to hear from you soon
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