Chinese/Japanese language exchange

名稱 : Joh
  • 性別 :
  • 國籍/地區 : 日本
  • 年齡 : 30-34
  • 學習場所 : 京都府[京都市](日本)
  • 母語 : 日語
  • 學習語言 : 中文(國語)[簡/繁]
Hi everyone,
I'm a male Japanese living in Kyoto.
I used to live in Taipei for 6 months and studied Chinese only for a month.
Now I'm living in Kyoto and I want to keep studying Chinese so I'm looking for a language exchange partner who can work with me at a cafe around the center of Kyoto.

I teach Art and Design at a school and I love art, movie, historic places etc.

Please email me if you are interested in.
Thank you.
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