language exchange for japanese

名稱 : ruby
  • 性別 :
  • 國(地區)籍 : 台灣
  • 年齡 : 20-24
  • 學習場所 : 網際網路
  • 母語 : 中文[繁]
  • 學習語言 : 日語
Hello everyone,

My name is ruby, and I'm now studying Japanese.
For I'm planning on working holiday in Japan next year, I'd like to practice my speaking skill before I go to the country.
Please don't hesitate to send me message, which I'm looking forward to :)

(message below is for other people from other site, which you may skip it lol)
To people who have contacted me on,
Thank you for sending me regards, but I'm so sorry that I'm not a gold member...
I'm saying hi here, and hope we can contact soon!
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