Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as "this site") has established the following privacy policy regarding the handling of user's personal information in the services provided on this website (hereinafter referred to as "this service"). When the user uses this service, he / she agrees to this policy. If there is any difference or inconsistency between this policy and the other language version, the Japanese version will be given priority.

1. Collection of personal information

On this site, we may ask you to enter personal information such as name (The use of real names is deprecated.), gender, country of origin, area of residence, language, and email address on the registration form. The information entered by the user on the registration form will be disclosed as the information required for the profile or service, except for the e-mail address, password and information set to be private. Please refrain from including personal information that you do not want to disclose in your profile and posted content. You can delete the registered information at any time. However, for some posted content, even if you delete the account, the posted content may be retained with the profile information removed, so please refrain from including personal information in the posted content. When sending emails or messages to other users within this service, we may collect content and records, keep them for a period of time, and use them when reporting defects or violations of the terms of service. If you send an e-mail, the recipient will be notified of your own e-mail address. When registering, logging in, changing information, posting, sending e-mails / messages, making inquiries, etc., we may collect the user's IP address, browser user agent, browser language setting, browsing page language, sending date and time, etc. In addition, we may collect information including personal information of users made between users and business partners (Including information providers, advertisers, advertisement distribution destinations, etc. Hereinafter referred to as "partners".) from the business partners of this site.

2. Purpose of collecting and using personal information

The purpose of collecting and using personal information on this site is as follows.
1. For the provision and operation of this service
2. To confirm that the user is himself
3. To respond to inquiries, etc. (Including identity verification)
4. To send notifications about the services you are using and information about other services provided by this site
5. For maintenance, important notices, etc. to contact you as needed
6. To identify users who violate the terms of use and users who intend to use the service for fraudulent or unreasonable purposes, and refuse to use it
7. To allow users to view, change, delete, and view usage status of their own registration information
8. For development / improvement / statistical analysis of this service
9. For purposes incidental to the above purpose of use

3. About child's personal information

If you are under 16 years old, please use this service and enter your personal information with the consent of your guardian.

4. Use of cookies and other technologies

This site may use cookies and similar technologies (Hereafter referred to as "cookie".) for the purpose of grasping the usage status of this service, improving the convenience of users, enhancing the content, preventing unauthorized access and unauthorized use. A cookie is a piece of data that is sent from a server to your web browser and stored on your computer. Cookies can also be disabled by changing your web browser settings. However, if you disable cookies, this service may not function properly.

5. Advertising

This site uses third-party advertising services (Google Adsense). Such advertisement distributors may use information "cookies" regarding access to this site and other sites in order to display advertisements for products and services according to the interests of users. Also, regarding Google Adsense, please see here for details on this process and how to prevent such information from being used by ad publishers.

6. Use of access analysis tool

This site uses the access analysis tool "Google Analytics" by Google. This Google Analytics uses cookies to collect traffic data. This traffic data is collected anonymously and is not personally identifiable. This function can refuse collection by disabling cookies, so please check the settings of your browser. For more information on these terms, please see here or here.

7. Use of authentication system

This site uses the "hCaptcha" service provided to protect the site from spam posted on forms on the Internet. This service determines if the poster is a human or a robot. For more information on Privacy Policy, please see here .

8. Provision of personal information to a third party

1. This site will not provide personal information to a third party without the prior consent of the user, except in the following cases and other cases permitted by law.
1. When it is necessary to protect the life, body or property of a person and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person
2. When it is particularly necessary to improve public health or promote the sound development of children, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person
3. When national agencies, local administrative agencies, or their entrusted parties need to cooperate in the execution of affairs stipulated by laws and regulations, and there is a risk of obstacles to the execution of the affairs with the consent of the person
2. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, in the following cases, the information is provided to a third party.
1. When this site outsources all or part of the handling of personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use
2. When personal information is provided due to the succession of services due to a merger or other reasons
3. When the personal information will be used in conjunction with a specific person, and the type of information, scope of people being shared with, goal of sharing, and name or title of person responsible for the management of the personal information in question is made known to the person in question, or otherwise provide a way for this information to be easily obtained by the person in question.

9. Disclosure of personal information to third parties

If the police, courts, prosecutors' offices, bar associations, consumer centers or other similar authorities request the disclosure of personal information, this site may disclose the information accordingly.

10. Correction and deletion of personal information

If the personal information held by this site is incorrect, the user can correct, add or delete it according to the procedure established by this site. If you cannot make correction etc., please contact us using the inquiry form on this website.

11. Privacy policy changes

1. The contents of this policy may be changed without notifying the user, except for laws and regulations and other matters specified otherwise in this policy.
2. Unless otherwise specified by this site, the changed privacy policy shall take effect from the time it is posted on this website.

12. Inquiries

For inquiries regarding this policy, please use the inquiry form provided on this website.
Revised date: September 27, 2021
Revised date: October 14, 2021
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