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Please use this site in accordance with the terms of use.

Also, please observe the following contents at Communication Square. If applicable, you may not be able to post, you may be deleted after posting, or you may be prohibited from using it.

  1. Do not advertise / advertise (recruitment, job request, business partner recruitment, student recruitment, group recruitment, member recruitment, various transactions and sales, etc.).
  2. Do not post personal information such as e-mail address, phone number, address, SNS ID, etc., regardless of yourself or others.
  3. Do not post inconsistent with the theme or topic.
  4. Do not slander others. Don't do the same if someone else slander you.
  5. Do not post unfriendly. This is not a place of criticism or criticism. Also, please do not use here to raise dissatisfaction with society.
  6. Do not post political topics.
  7. Do not make your own performance.
  8. Do not post URLs (including shortened URLs) for the purpose of forwarding to other URLs. Posting URLs is prohibited in principle, but when posting URLs for unavoidable reasons, please enter the linked URL as it is.

If you are looking for language exchange partners, please go to the "Language Exchange", If you are looking for foreign friends, please go to the "Foreign Friends".

Users are requested to abide by the rules and cooperate so that everyone can use it comfortably.

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