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June 26, 2021
Name : Yun
  • Gender : Female
  • Nationality/Region : Taiwan
  • Age : 25-29
  • Learning location : On the Internet
  • Native language : Mandarin Chinese[Simplified/Traditional]
  • Learning language : English
Hi, I am Yun who is currently living in Taiwan.
My mother tongue is Chinese and I can speak English and basic Korean.
However, I would like to find someone who can chat with me in English cause I'm afraid my English speaking skill might be poorer after starting working in Taiwan.
I don't mind whether you are an English native speaker or not, feel free to contact me^^
Thank you for reading.
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June 27, 2021
Name : John Doe
Gender : Male
Sure why not
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July 1, 2021
Name : Sai
Gender : Male
Hello there. I'm Chinese and I studied abroad in the US for four and half years. I came back to China and don't have any chances to speak English at all. If you want, you can add my WeChat >:3.

Wechat ID: davidcjoshua1211
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July 1, 2021
Name : Yun
Gender : Female
Message for Sai:
Thank you for the message, however, I had tried to add your wechat ID but couldn’t find it. Is it possible to send your ID again? Thank you.
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July 2, 2021
Name : Sai
Gender : Male
For Yun:

Okay I guess my old ID is not working anymore so I changed my ID just now. My new ID is 'HearSai'. See if you can add me now :)

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