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About Language Exchange

Language exchange is to teach each other's native language. For example, Americans taught English to Chinese and Chinese teach English to Americans, aiming to improve each other's language skills. There are sometimes also referred to as language exchange, mutual learning, exchange learning Unlike schools and tutors, you can improve your language skills with free without paying tuition fees.

In addition to English, Chinese (Simplified / Traditional Chinese), Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Cantonese, Taiwanese etc You can find a variety of language learning opponents such as the regional language of Greater China.

While watching the examination questions collection, the method of listening and teaching something unfamiliar is not bad, but we encourage you to improve your daily conversation through enjoyable chatter. You can expect natural conversation and improve your sense of speech. I am not conscious of learning languages, there are not many opportunities for enjoying and extending the target language ability naturally. However, let's be aware that if you are talking to only one person, you will likely resemble that person's habit, talking habits, and accent. You should treat as many people as possible and talk a lot.
We also recommend using a messenger software such as Wechat, LINE etc. on the Internet and online chat to talk to people living in distant countries or regions.

If your opponent's learning language ability is lower than your own learning language skill, you will have more opportunities to speak your own learning language, and conversely, if your opponent's learning language skills are higher than your own learning language skills, It seems that there is a tendency to talk more. It's a good idea to decide in advance the time zone in which you use your own learning language and the time zone in which you use your learning language.

As a merit of language exchange,

  • Foreign languages can be learned free
  • Foreign friends can increase
  • Language skills can be improved with ease while having fun
  • Can learn words not taught at school.
  • Can deepen your understanding of the other country.
And so on.

Communicating with native speakers and talking a lot is a shortcut for improving language skills.

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