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26 Nov 2023 (UTC)
#0 森玄彦 [FmBwMmI]
Gender / Age
Female / 20-24
Home country
Mainland China
Live in
Guangdong Province(Mainland China)
Mandarin Chinese
Hi,I am Mori,I am a Chinese curious girl,so I'd appreciate it if you're willing to share with me your knowledge that I don't know.
If you can,maybe we will communicate well in email or WeChat.
Last updated 02 Dec 2023 (UTC)
Teaching language
Mandarin Chinese(simplified)
Learning language
Learning area
on the Internet
Hi, I'm Mori,a Chinese girl,I want to communicate with you by Japanese
very much!!! : )

I like math and all other subjects, so if you would like to teach me related knowledge, I would be very grateful.

I have many interests, such as musical,scientific and crime fiction, painting , tarot and so on, and most recently, I'm interested in making perfumes.

Do you like musicals?However,I do.And one of my favorite musicals is 《Le rouge et le noir - L’Opéra Rock》. And one of my favorite songs about it ,is called 《La gloire à mes genoux》, which is quite famous. Have you heard it before?

I like Thoth Tarot most. Each card of it ,is like a beautiful oil painting, and it combines many modern scientific elements in the occult culture. It is really interesting!

You could send a message to me if you want,I am waiting for you!QwQ
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