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Shanghai(Mainland China)
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Hi,大家好,我叫leon,也可以叫我 刘,来自中国,目前在上海工作和生活,来这里想认识更多的日本朋友,我很喜欢日本,以前在三菱电机的上海支社工作过,虽然现在离职了,但那段时间很美好,旅游去过的城市有:东京,名古屋,大阪,京都,福冈,一宫。未来肯定还会去日本游玩,上海去日本非常方便。目前日语自学中,只会非常基础的日语(比如酒店入住,买东西,问路),一直在学习中。我很外向,喜欢交朋友,让我们成为朋友吧,如果你愿意的话,我可以教你中文,我也喜欢吉他和足球。


Hi, I am Leon from China,I am living in Shanghai, I wanna make Japanese friends here. I like Japan very much, I have worked at Mitsubishi electric corporation when I graduated from university, but I quit at some years ago. I have traveled Tokyo,Nagoya, Osaka,Kyoto,Fukuoka and Ichinomiya, I definitely will go Japan again someday for travelling because I like Japan so much. I am learning Japanese by myself but I only know some very basic words and sentences(checking ,shopping and ask some questions ), I am very outgoing and don't hesitate to contact me, I could teach you Chinese if you want to learn. By the way, I like Guitar and football very much.
Last updated 14 May 2024 (UTC)

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