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InterpretIn Exchange of China And Japan

March 29, 2018
  • Name : wency
  • Category : About English
From jaunary to now ,Ialways thinking some questions,one of all is that about the interpret in exchange of china and japan.The question rise in my mind by chance,may be it is a side of exchange of china and japan.  After that,my tutor sugessted that the quesion has meaning ,but doing search will not simply,just resulted  from merely documents and material,its to hard to find a new viewing.To be honest,its same to me,many plights liein road,it aware me that future only be hopeless,but have to believe "Every ThingWill Be Ok!!! "
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April 6, 2018
Name : Eric
Hello!  To be honest, your writing is a little difficult to understand.  "the interpret in exchange of china and japan"の意味は何でしょうか?  The interpretation of Chinese / Japanese?

Anyway I like your final words "everything will be OK."  So the future is never hopeless.
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April 7, 2018
Name : NO-NAME
I agree with Eric :-)
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July 26, 2018
Name : krystal
 I agree with Eric! Your words are quite difficult to understand.
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