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Some thinkings on making friends

15 Aug 2022 (UTC)
#0 Amy.White [Y1RolyA]
I think it difficult to achieve intimacy with others.
Not only for my social timidity,but also for intimacy is horror itself🤦‍

Sounds like 'yabai'. :(
Prehaps I should be braver to believe others?
#1 张梓枫 [KZJIFhY]
In fact, some things can let nature take its course. I also have social phobia, but I still have close friends. There is no need to change deliberately, just let nature take its course.
15 Aug 2022 (UTC)
#2 manman [IQVwQxk]
I'm social phobia too honey, but don't worry, it'll be alright
29 Aug 2022 (UTC)
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