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13 Dec 2022 (UTC)
#0 Athor [MTU3N0E]
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Male / 40-44
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United States
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Hi there, everyone! My name is Athor. I am originally from Manhattan but now I am here in Tokyo. If anyone wants to learn English, I'll be willing to teach you. I am also eager to learn Japanese by the way. I hope we can get along well and talk about a lot of things with unlimited topics. Feel free to message me:)
Last updated 13 Dec 2022 (UTC)
Teaching language
Learning language
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Japan, on the Internet
I believe language can make or break connections and with this reason, I hope I can impart my knowledge not only about knowledge but also about life. I am a highly emphatic person so it's okay to be friends. Let's teach each other and help each other grow.
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12 Jan 2023 (UTC)
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