Looking for a Language Exchange Partner

Looking for Japanese Language Partner~

22 Sep 2023 (UTC)
#0 Eric [NiY0cgU]
Gender / Age
Male / 25-29
Home country
Mainland China
Live in
Shanghai(Mainland China)
Mandarin Chinese
Last updated 22 Sep 2023 (UTC)
Teaching language
Mandarin Chinese(simplified)
Learning language
Learning area
on the Internet
About Myself:
- I am a Chinese male working at an investment firm in Shanghai (more specifically, a private equity firm). 26 years old.
- I graduated from Fudan University (QS 2024 ranking 50th) with a Master's degree in Finance. I am also a CFA charterholder. So feel free to ask me anything related to finance, especially regarding China's finance and investing industry (I am still early in career so probably would not be able to offer you too many valuable career advice lol).
- I have been to Japan 3 times. Have been to cities like Tokyo, Kumamoto, Yokohama and Osaka. I am so fascinated by Japanese culture, the scenery🗻, the people, and the food.
- My Japanese language level is still quite preliminary...only familiar with Gojūon and some basic Japanese phrases. But I am studying Japanese from videos and textbooks, so could come up with language questions from time to time!

Who I am looking for as a Japanese language partner:
- Native Japanese speaker who is fluent in English (can explain Japanese phrases and culture in English)
- No requirement on gender or age
- Open to friends in any industry. Students are also welcome.
Please drop me message if you are interested! (Be sure to introduce yourself a bit in the text).

Thank you so much. 

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