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Definition of 母語 in Chinese

October 4, 2018
  • Name : 宅女
  • Category : About Chinese
I've noticed that sometimes Taiwanese guys here clam that English is their mother tongue (select English as a mother tongue) on their ad,  in spite of being intermediate level.

For Japanese people, or in Japanese, mother tongue (母語) means your first language that you've learnt from your parents at home. 
It is the same for British-Kiwi guys or in Kiwi English, according to my Kiwi partner.
Is that "the language you know" for Taiwanese or in Chinese? 

多謝 ^^
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October 6, 2018
Name : No Problem
In Taiwan many people have the experience of living abroad when they were children.  Many of them went to the US, but Australia has become popular in recent years.  "小留學生"is what they were called.

Taiwan is essentially a multilingual society.  Many people know that Taiwanese people speak both Chinese (Mandarin) and Taiwanese, but there are also the Hakka language and the aboriginal languages.

As a small island lacking in natural resources, conducting trades with foreign countries has been a critical part of Taiwan's economy, and many people have their occupations in international trade.  Naturally these people must be proficient in English.  Recently there is a movement in Taiwan to make English the second official language.

By the way, I wonder how you studied English.  The structure of your English is a mess.  "Lang-8" may be helpful to you.  Otherwise you will continue speaking or writing in English without grasping the essence of it.
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December 22, 2018
Name : Tomato
Because most young people in Taiwan Province have lost their dignity. They are the most naive person I have ever seen because they feel that speaking English is nobler than Chinese.
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January 9, 2019
Name : NO-NAME
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January 11, 2019
Name : NO-NAME
No, 母語 means the first language you learn from your family in Chinese as well. Those people probably just don't care or did it in purpose.

And I'm surprised that someone actually said that Taiwan is a "multilingual society".... Speaking different dialect doesn't make Taiwan multilingual lol..
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January 12, 2019
Name : NO-NAME
I totally agree with the responce posted on Jan 11th. Even if English was one of Taiwanese official languages, most of us can't say that my 母語 is English.

Well-educated Taiwanese who understand the essence of English never claim that the first language is English, well-mannered Taiwanese never post responces insulting people of provinces LOL
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February 9, 2019
Name : NO-NAME

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